About Xtra Features

We are Xtra Features: amplifying voice and influence through audio drama and documentary. 

Xtra Features was founded by writer Josh Whittingham and photographer, writer and podcast producer Jerome Whittingham with the aim of using audio fact and fiction to promote charities and businesses in an exciting and innovative way. 

Are you a charity struggling to reach a large audience? Are you a business in need of marketing assistance? Do you want to use a fresh and professional way of expanding your voice and influence? 

Xtra Features can help! 

We have a passion for social issues at the heart of our organisation. We take the issues that charities and businesses want to promote and explore them using a combination of audio drama and documentary. 

Our audio dramas set the scene for the issue you want to tackle. We can make audio dramas about anything: from grandparents accepting their LGBT grandchildren to former police detectives struggling with dementia, the possibilities are endless and the pictures are better on radio! 

Following on from our dramas, our documentaries tackle the issues head-on, speaking to experts and interested parties and getting personal testimonies from the people these issues matter most to. 

Our dramas and documentaries are the complete package and will reach a wider audience. Some people may only listen to the dramas; others may only listen to the documentaries, but some will listen to all and will consume more. Either way, the issues that matter to you will reach more people and in diverse and engaging ways. 

Although we specialise in the combination of audio drama and documentary, that’s not all we can offer. We can also provide you with photography, video, animation, short stories, articles and more. 

We want to help you. 

We also want Xtra Features to be a database of audio dramas and documentaries on diverse social issues. That’s why, along with giving our clients free rein to use the content we’ve produced for them as they wish, we also feature all of our content on our website so people can browse through it like a magazine and explore all of the social issues we’ve covered and consume our wonderful dramas and documentaries. 

We also feature the actors and actresses we work with in our dramas as Xtra Features Associates so we can promote the brilliant casts we work with.

We’d love to work with you! Interested? Email us at hello@xtrafeatures.co.uk