About: Josh Whittingham

Co-founder of Xtra Features, Josh Whittingham is a professional writer. 

Josh was born in Hull in 1998. He is known for writing crime and thriller stories as well as stories with a strong LGBT theme. His debut audio drama, Murder In Lockdown, was released in July 2020 on HULL IS THIS. He is currently working on an audio drama, For The Record, which tells the story of a high-flying detective who has recently been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. He has also begun work on his debut novel. 

Josh is an openly gay man, having come out to his family and friends in 2017. He has a partner of eighteen months, Ollie. As well as his career in writing, Josh also works part-time as a Subject Specialist at Studiosity. In his spare time, he also volunteers with Trade Sexual Health, an LGBT charity based in Leicester. Josh is particularly interested in representing the LGBT community in literature, not just through writing about LGBT relationships and attractions but by making openly-LGBT characters more mainstream in literature.

Josh studied politics and international relations at the University of Leicester from 2017 – 2020. His research interests include the LGBT community, their importance within politics and IR and their relationship with political parties.

Josh currently lives in Hull with his family, but hopes to move to London with his partner soon.

Website: joshwhittinghamwriter.wordpress.com

Twitter: @jwhittingham08; Instagram: @joshwhittingram